Now in it’s fifth year, the Richmond Community Seed Library continues to grow and engage Richmond residents in growing a robust local food system.


What is a Seed Library?  Just like a book library, members of the seed library can ‘check out’ seeds.  They grow the plants, and let some of them go to seed, which they save and return to the Seed Library for others to borrow in the next growing season.  

Seed libraries are one response to increasing community control of our food supply.

People have both the right and the responsibility to engage in the source of their food. The local food movement is growing;  more people are choosing to eat locally in order to support their local farmers, keep money in the local economy and have a say in how their food is produced.

The next step is to understand where our seeds come from and contribute to change. Many of the seeds bought at local garden centres are grown in the USA and Europe, which means the plants aren’t adapted to our climate here in the Lower Mainland.  As well, many commercially grown plant varieties are increasingly selected for traits like how well the fruit survives transport, or uniform ripening, rather than for flavour and nutrition.  When you save seeds, you get to choose what plants are the most desirable and why. Not only that, seed saving is fun, saves you money, and contributes to community food security.


Seed saving is a natural next step for folks who love to garden, and it’s a skill everyone can learn.  Some plants have seeds that are easier to save, while some are more difficult, so there are plants for every skill level. It is a great way to connect deeply with the beautiful life cycle of plants.


We invite you to join the movement towards a resilient and food secure community. The Richmond Community Seed Library will be at the Brighouse and Ironwood locations of the Richmond Public Library at least twice a month, as well as at community events.
Check the events calendar for Seed Library dates.

Check here for more info and resources.