The head of the UK’s Countryside Agency famously said in 2007 that civilization is ‘nine meals away from anarchy’. This stems from the fact that most grocery stores have only three days supply of food on their shelves. In the event that the food supply was interrupted it would only be three days before food began to run out and people became hungry. The chances of this happening are small but it highlights the fragility of the food system we rely on and brings into question how food secure we really are.

One important aspect of food security is knowing how to grow your own.  We are happy to offer a series of hands-on workshops this season that will give novice gardeners the skills and confidence they need to go forward and create their own productive food gardens.

These workshops will be in the Terra Nova Rural Park Community Garden. Working together, we will transform four vacant plots of land into productive, organic food gardens over the season. Participants are welcome to attend one or all of the workshops. Each workshop has a $10 fee.

Workshops will cover planning, preparation and planting, weed management, water management and pest control, harvesting, cover cropping and planting as well as winter prep and planning for the next season.  Organic methods will be modeled throughout the workshops.

Learning to grow food is a lifelong pursuit. Organic Origins hands-on gardening workshops will give participants enough information to successfully grow their own organic vegetables.  There is no better way to learn than by doing. So come out, get your hands dirty and become more food secure.

Check our events calendar for the workshop dates.

Visit handonworkshop.eventbrite.ca to register or contact us to save your spot.

View our poster for additional info.

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