The Richmond Food Security Society (RFSS) is committed to protecting the privacy of its clients, donors, employees, members, and supporters.

RFSS collects personal information including legal name, physical address, phone number, and e-mail address in order to provide services, give information on the organization and food security matters, give notice and register for the Annual General Meeting, ask for donations, and meet contractual and legal requirements.  RFSS also collects the following information: subsidy requests from clients to provide services; donation amounts from donors to provide accurate receipts and donor appreciation; and social insurance number, salary and deduction information, and banking information from employees to facilitate salary deposits.

RFSS stores personal information in physical form in a locked office and on secured local computers and cloud-based services (including the RFSS Website, MailChimp, Google Drive, and SUMAC).  RFSS limits access to personal information on a need-to-know only basis to employees, volunteers, and third-parties (including government agencies and payroll companies).

You may request a copy of and/or deletion of your own personal information held by RFSS.  Requests must be made in writing by mail or e-mail to RFSS’ Privacy Officer, the Executive Director:

Privacy Officer, Executive Director
7611 Ash St
Richmond BC
V6Y 2S2

Please expect that it will take a minimum of three weeks for the request to be honoured.  Fulfilling your request may take longer depending on holidays or current workload.  Deletion of your personal information may mean we are unable to provide services, donation receipts and appreciation, or relevant information.