What is a Community Garden?

A community garden is a shared green space maintained by community garden members to grow food, flowers, and other plants. They provide opportunities for city residents to grow food, and to meet new friends, share knowledge, and build community. The food grown in each plot belongs to the registered gardeners, and cannot be used or sold for any commercial purposes. 

Richmond Community Gardens

The Richmond Community Gardens are valuable green spaces within the community and provide healthy food for garden members, provide space for social interactions, and create recreational activities for community members of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds. All of the Richmond Community Gardens use organic growing methods reducing impacts on the local ecosystem.

We manage the City of Richmond’s community gardens. Our primary work is to:

  • oversee plot rentals
  • process yearly renewals
  • maintain the waitlist for the gardens
  • run workshops
  • organize tool purchases and mulch deliveries
  • act as a liaison between gardeners and the City
  • collect feedback from gardeners and the broader community to carry out projects and programs in the gardens

Gardeners are provided with deliveries of bark mulch and leaves from the City of Richmond when needed. Basic gardening tools such as wheelbarrows, shovels, rakes, spading forks, and some hand tools are available for all community garden members to use while working in the gardens and are safely stored in locked tool sheds at each site. Additionally, we keep the community garden rules up to date and work to ensure that they are honoured in order to maintain the gardens as vibrant, safe, community spaces.

The community garden plot fees pay for a portion of the costs of running the community garden program. The majority of the fees go to paying the wages of the staff members who manage the program. Fees also purchase liability insurance on behalf of all gardeners using the public gardens and purchase common supplies such as tools and equipment. As a non-profit society, we continually seek additional funds to enhance the program for special projects, such as adding new plots or supporting our community groups.

Currently, there is a 1-3 year waiting list for all gardens
If you are interested in joining our gardens you can sign up for our waitlist

New Cover Crops Program for Community Gardens

Modern life is certainly busy and can take time away from gardening. To support our gardeners, Urban Bounty has created two new cover crops programs that will help gardeners comply with our Rules and Agreement: the Cover Crops Relief Program and the Spring and Fall Cover Crops Program. These programs will introduce new gardening practices to improve soil health, reduce the establishment of weeds and increase productivity.