About this project

This pilot community garden opened on September 11, 2023 and will enable residents to grow healthy food, flowers, and other plants. The City of Burnaby will be using this pilot project to refine and improve the community gardens program before introducing gardens into other Burnaby parks.

The City of Burnaby and Urban Bounty have designed the garden with accessibility in mind – the pilot garden will include raised beds, which are easier for gardeners of all abilities to use. We’ve also ensured that a portion of the plots are available to local community groups to help promote food security in our community.

How are responsibilities divided between the City and Urban Bounty?
The City has provided the space for the community garden in Greentree Village Park and constructed the garden facility. Urban Bounty will run the garden’s day-to-day operations. Garden plots are administered by Urban Bounty. All openings for garden plots are currently filled. Please add your your name to the Waitlist, and you will be contacted when a plot becomes available.

This Includes:

  • Oversee plot rentals
  • Process yearly renewals
  • Maintain the waitlist for the gardens
  • Conduct reviews of garden site(s) 3 times a year to ensure rules are followed by all gardeners in order to maintain the gardens as vibrant, safe, community spaces.
  • Ensure that all community gardeners use organic growing methods that reduce impacts on the local ecosystem.
  • Collect feedback from gardeners and the broader community to carry out future projects and programs
  • Maintain shared tools that are stored in locked tool sheds at each site (i.e wheelbarrows, shovels, rakes, spading forks, and some hand tools)