The Richmond Bike to Farm Tour was a pilot project initiated by Youth Leaders of the 2016 Get Rooted Youth Leadership Program as an community action aimed to fight food insecurity. Aiming to bridge the gap between farm to fork, the youth reached out to Richmond farmers, vendors, and historical sites to design a bike-accessible route for local residents to access local food sources and visit cultural sites more easily, through sustainable transportation.


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The 2016 Pilot focused on situational analysis in the form of community conversation, interest assessment, brainstorming of potential destinations and activities to be included on the tour, routing a rudimentary map, and creating a brochure to communicate this idea project to the public.




Richmond Bike-to-Farm Tour, 2016 Pilot brochure


The five destination presented on the 2016 Pilot map include the Richmond Farm School, London Heritage Farm, Britannia Shipyards, Steveston Farmers and Artisans’ Market, and the Sharing Farm.


The Youth Leaders involved in this project tested the pilot tour themselves, spending one sunny Sunday this summer biking to all the destinations, collecting data on the experience while having a blast!


A transition report was drafted to highlight strengths and suggested improvements on the current tour format, supporting future work pending for the Richmond Bike to Farm Tour. We hope to add more venues in future versions of this tour, offering fun and diverse activities for all participants. For comments, inquiries, and suggestions – contact us!