Richmond Community Meals Report

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At the request of Richmond Food Security Society, data was gathered from known community meal providers during the Spring of 2010. The providers had already planned to meet, independent of RFSS, to share information and connect with each other, and were willing to have RFSS input at that time.

A survey was constructed to gather basic information. Additionally, the group met on three  occasions, each time at a different meal provider’s location. Both survey data and anecdotal evidence were used in the construction of this report. Funds were provided by RFSS to support the hosting agencies.


Meal programs are dependent upon private and corporate donations, community fundraising efforts, and community grants, for funding. Some of the programs are funded through their respective churches. Each meal provider is autonomous in it’s funding sources and purchasing.

Average budget allocation is $2.50-$3 per person for food and sundries.

Purchasing patterns

Survey data indicates that supplies are most often purchased from large chain grocery stores and discount stores (i.e., Costco,Warehouse Club, Superstore). Some programs are well supported by private donations of food items. Most purchasing decisions are based on budget constraints.

The majority of providers surveyed said they use frozen meat products “often”.

Karen Dar Woon, author of this report, is a free-lance personal chef.