All you need to know to make your garden grow

Garden Workshops are an opportunity for learning how to develop a healthy, flourishing garden through proper planning, best practices, and seasonal considerations. During each session, there will be time for questions and important garden tips. Workshops are presented by our Urban Agriculture Program Coordinator who is a Master Gardener. 

1.  Planning and Maintaining your Garden

We’ll outline how to properly plan a garden, looking at how to best plan your garden specifically and how to get the most out of your garden plot. We’ll also go through a year snapshot of what maintenance is needed in the garden.

Activity: Together we’ll plan out your garden for the season. Bring a list of what you would like to grow and a plan of your growing space.

Cancelled due to lack of participants. Find this workshop next year!

2. Starting Seeds and Transplanting

Come to learn about how to successfully start your seeds, and how to transplant them into your garden. Learn which plants you can start indoors and which can be started right in the garden.

Activity: We’ll go through starting different kind of seeds with seed starting soil and recycled containers for you to take home.

3. Soil and Composting

We’ll be talking about the wonderful and magical world of soil and compost. Learn how to improve and build the foundation of your garden. See a change in your garden this season by making the most of your kitchen scraps by home and worm composting.

Activity: We’ll go through different soil types, smelling and touching soils so you can identify them at home. We’ll also show you how to test your soil at home to see what kind you have.

4. Common pests and beneficial insects.

Learn about the common pests, insects, and diseases you’ll find in your garden and the best organic ways to deal with them. Learn how to make your garden more pollinator-friendly and more ecologically sound. We’ll touch on companion planting and how to use it to your garden’s advantage, as well as best practices for preventing disease and pests in your garden.

Activity: We’ll bring in some damaged or diseased plants for you to identify whether it’s an insect, fungus, bacteria or virus.

5. Companion Planting and Succession Garden

Grow more for longer. Your garden doesn’t have one growing season, it can have many. Make the most out of your garden by knowing when to plant and how to plant for more crops. Learn about what plants help each other and how to improve your overall garden health by practicing companion planting.

Activity: TBD

6. Winter and Your Garden

Start gardening beyond the regular growing season. We’ll go over what you can grow through the winter, and what overwinters well. We’ll also talk about how to best prep your garden for the winter.

Activity: TBD

If there are other workshop topics you would like to see, email and we’ll see if we can add it in!