From 2022 – 2023, Urban Bounty and Hamilton Community Center will be providing a “Pop-Up Market” in East Richmond. This is part of an implementation and research program funded by Community Food Centers Canada that intends to measure the extent subsidized access to fruits & vegetables has on health and well-being. It establishes non-profit community food markets in areas with limited or unaffordable fresh food options, and also offers a targeted ‘fresh food prescription’ called the Greens Rx.

Our vision is to support community members to access and afford fresh produce, increase their fruit and vegetable consumption, and, ultimately, improve their health and wellbeing.

Our mission is establishing a source of non-profit fresh food access that provides local produce for the community.

How to participate:

Shop at the market!

When: Every Saturday from 10am – 1pm (except Holidays), starting May 6 – October 14, 2023

Where: Hamilton Community Centre, 5140 Smith Dr, Richmond, BC V6V 2W5.

For weekly produce information follow the Hamilton Community Centre Facebook Page.

Are you eligible for Greens Rx?

The Market Greens Rx program was created by Community Food Centres Canada to make it easier for people with diet-related health challenges to access fresh fruits and vegetables. People who are eligible and enrolled in the Greens Rx program will be supported for 15 weeks to buy fresh fruits and vegetables at the Hamilton Pop-Up market. Participants must pick up at the market, unless other arrangements are made. The exact amount will be based on the number of people in the person’s house and will be discussed during the registration step.

Who is eligible:

  • Adult 19+
  • Managing a chronic, dietary disease such as Type II diabetes
  • Experiencing regular gaps in accessing healthy, fresh foods
  • Able to pickup produce at Hamilton Community Centre and participate in evaluation activities
  • Not participating in a similar voucher program that supports the purchase of fruits & vegetables

Contact Hamilton Community Centre if you think you are eligible. 

Phone: 604-238-8055 


View the brochure here: 2023 Greens RX Brochure