The Urban Bounty logo is available in two standard configurations:



Each configuration is available in the following file formats:

  • .ai which is an editable Adobe Illustrator format
  • .eps or encapsulated post script – this format is perfect for large format output such as display graphics, banners, etc. You can scale this format up to any size without degrading the image quality. This is also the best option for use in publishing programs such as Indesign. It can be placed on various backgrounds including images.
  • .jpg – good for web work when you have a white background.
  • .pdf – can be used in a similar way to .eps but is more universally accessible since PDF readers such as Adobe Acrobat are now so widely available.
  • .png – good for web work when you need a transparent background.
  • .tif – this format is ideal for use in Microsoft Word docs (as is .jpg)

In addition to the file formats listed above, we have included a white.eps file for each configuration. This is useful when placing the logo in a print document over a black or dark background.

There is also a colour-reverse.eps version for inserting the colour logo on a black or dark background. This version looks similar to the regular colour version, but the grey subscript is 30% black rather than 70% black to read better against the black background. It also includes a white fill in the negative space for the tomato blossom so that area doesn’t fill with black.

If you have Adobe Photoshop you can also create additional image file formats by opening the .ai file in Photoshop and saving it at the size you need in the format you want.

Download the or and start working with the version you need.

Standard Colours

Download the Colour Specs PDF which shows CMYK, RGB, and Hex colours for the standard and reverse logos.